Conehead (MA final animation)

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This story is set on a very hot day and is all about Conehead and a runaway ice-cream van.


From conception to finish, Conehead took about 15 weeks as a part of a final MA project. The main idea was to get a very staged look to the environment with different layers and a lot of things moving at once, and to create depth and texturing with different shapes. I was aiming for an almost toy box feel to it. Influences for this piece include, Studio AKA, Aardman Animation, Partizan Midi Minuit, and Georges Méliès’ ‘A Trip to the Moon’.

Technical Details

Softimage XSI 3.5, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects & Premiere, Apple Shake 2.51.

AMD ATHLON XP 2400+, 512MB RAM, Gigabyte Radeon 9200 graphicscard, Windows 2000


Director/Animator: Don Pan
Sound: Noah Payne-Frank


Conehead Film Festivals, Screenings & Awards

Kalamazoo Animation Festival International, USA - GOLD AWARD WINNER. May 2005.

Global Student Animation Awards, Stash Media, New York, USA - ANIMATION WINNER. Aug 2005.

Exposures National Student Film Festival, Manchester, UK - ANIMATION RUNNER UP. Dec 2005.


Kino Film Festival, UK (Manchester International Short Film Festival) Feb 2005.

Animated Encounters, UK (Bristol International Animation Festival). April 2005.

Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia. June 2005.

Comedia - Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal, Canada July 2005.

Hypefest, Hollywood, USA, (as a part of GSAA Finalist Showcase Roadshow). July 2005.

Festival de Courts Métrages Images en Vues, Quebec, Canada. Sept 2005.

Animation Block Party, New York, USA. Sept 2005.

Raindance Independant Film Festival, London, UK. Sept/Oct 2005.

Channel Frederator
, Podcast - Episode 6, USA. Sept 2005.

San Diego Asian Film Festival, USA. Sept/Oct 1 2005.

Tiscali Short Film Awards, Raindance Festival, London, UK. Sept/Oct 2005.

Student Shorts, Toronto, Canada. Oct 2005.

Norway Live, Podcast, Norway. Dec 2005.

Anchorage Film Festival, Alaska, USA. Dec 2005.

Cinequest Online, Viewers Voice, USA. Dec 2005.

North West Asian American Film Festival, Seattle USA. Jan 2006.

Futureshorts, Manchester, UK. Feb/March 2006.

PSP Showcase, March 2006.

George Lindsey UNA Film Festival, Alabama, USA. March 2006.

The World of Comedy Film Festival, Toronto, Canada. March 2006.

Phoenix Film Festival, USA. March 2006.

Cinequest Film Festival, USA. March 2006.

BIMINI 2006, Riga, Latvia. April 2006.

3rd Annual Asian American Association Film Festival, Davis CA, USA. May 2006.

One Dot Zero 10, London, UK. June 2006

Super Shorts Film Festival 2006, London, UK. July 2006

Bang Short Film Festival, Nottingham, UK. Aug 2006

Animpact, Seoul, South Korea. April 2007.

Revolution Vodka Bars, Vodka TV, UK. Oct 2007.

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